“I have taken my dog to several animal hospitals in the area. My dog was not treated very well and they were so expensive. Everyone here is super nice. They make my very anxious dog at ease, as well as her very anxious mom. For those who have pit bulls, they are very pit bull friendly. When I compare my dog’s annual vet bills with others, mine are always lower and they do not push you into buying more things. When Sadie was fixed, she had an issue (she was 5 years old) and was bleeding a little. Dr. Dunn called me and gave me his home phone number on a weekend. I felt so much better knowing I could call him at anytime (even though the dog was fine). Sadie is also a little fearful of men but loves Dr. Dunn. I try to see him as much as possible. I really love them and recommend them to everyone.”
-Christine S., Yelp

“Extremely fair on pricing and they show a genuine concern for your pet. I even had one of the lead Veterinarians have me come in just to do a check up on one of my cats who had a very unfortunate accident. Of course I expected to pay, but as I went to leave the room at the end of the visit he said it was free of charge and that he just wanted to make sure everything was progressing/healing alright and that my cat was going to be OK. Never going anywhere else after that experience. Wonderful staff and great care taken. Location is a little tricky. Would maybe suggest a small road leading over to the Diamond Shamrock, but apart from that, its an amazing place.”
-Harley H., Google

“You’re all doing great work! Thank you for everything you do!
I’ve come in a few time to donate food and to see the kitties and pups. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming!
I love the spaces you have set up for the kitties to roam and interact.
Thank you!”
-Shannen G., Yelp

“The only animal care facility I’ll ever use. The staff and vets are kind and compassionate, and take care of your pets like they would their own. We’ve been going here since before I was born with all family pets. They’re the only clinic that treats guinea pigs as well”
-Joslyn F., Google

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“could not be more pleased with this hospital.  The staff is incredible and caring.  Yes, it is expensive, but no more than any other specialist.  I compared prices for my cat’s procedure and MVMC does not charge more than the average rate.  MRIs and surgery are expensive no matter where you go.  The staff called repeatedly to check on the well being of my cat, and you could tell from their demeanor that they really cared about her. Dr. Rubin was our surgeon and he was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and kind.”
-Tongee Y., Yelp

“The doctors and staff at North Shore have been caring my cats since I was 5 years old (I’m 30), they have always been amazing, for the kitties and the kitties people! And more recently my fiance’s senior pupper got the best care at north shore and is feeling great! Not once have I or my family ever had a bad experience there! Or been overcharged for service. I Highly recommend Northshore Animal Hospital!”
-E. Pearson, Google

I cannot extend my gratitude enough to all the staff at North Shore Animal Hospital for saving my cats life.
We called out of desperation near to closing time on a Thursday and had never been seen here before but our cat was in the middle of a medical emergency. Not only were we seen IMMEDIATELY, Dr. Smilley diagnosed our cat in seconds and providing interventions that saved her life from an often fatal embolism.
Every staff member I have encountered have gone above and beyond to care for my cat and also show compassion for myself and my husband. Every time I have brought my cat in for follow up the staff asks how she is doing, and genuinely seem to be fully invested in her well being. They are often busy with a full waiting room and even during their busy times, I overhear the gals on the phones accommodating any and everyone who calls in, treating each patient with respect and care.
I am so incredibly grateful to have my pets cared for at this hospital and cannot thank the staff enough for their expertise, kindness and exceptional level of care.”
-Bally L., Yelp

“I have been a client at North Shore Animal Hospital, and specifically one of Doctor Walker’s, for several years now. I have always found Dr. Walker to be friendly, knowledgeable and caring. The whole staff there truly wants what is best for your pet.”
-Chris C., Google