Dear North Shore Animal Hospital Clients –

Due to our hospital closure, our online pharmacy will also be closing. Effective 3/31/23 we will no longer accept auto-ship orders through North Shore Animal Hospital’s Online Pharmacy.

To access your pet’s medical records and pre-authorized prescriptions, please call 781-596-0510 or email us at

We will refill prescriptions that have already been pre-approved by your veterinarian but will not be taking any new prescription requests.

Please follow the easy steps below to move your autofill prescription to the hospital of your choice.

  1. Find your products at your new hospital’s pharmacy HERE.
  2. Add your products, dosage, and quantity to your cart.
  3. Create your new account & order!

Your request will then be sent to the new hospital of your choice for review and approval. Please note, if you do not plan to become an established client at the new hospital, or are overdue for your wellness visit, your prescription may not be approved.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 781-596-0510. Thank you for your support and understanding,

All our best,

Your Veterinary Team at North Shore Animal Hospital