Pet Laser Therapy

Has your senior dog or cat shown signs of chronic discomfort? Has it taken a significant amount of time for your pet to recover from an accident or recent surgery? Your pet deserves the best veterinary care possible and while pet pain medications may dull immediate discomfort, their use may not address underlying issues.

Pet Laser Therapy can provide the additional support needed for your pet to recover from recent surgery and chronic issues. Our North Shore Animal Hospital staff offers laser therapy as part of our full range of services to attend to the specific needs of your pet. Find out more about the benefits of pet laser therapy from our veterinary team.

Why Choose Pet Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy has been used safely in both humans and their pets to address a range of issues, including arthritis, disc disease, sprains, and dental problems. Infrared laser light is a non-invasive method that can penetrate into the tissues to stimulate healing. Veterinarians use laser therapy to aid in recovery, reduce pain and decrease inflammation. You may notice your pet moves with more ease, has less scarring, and shows signs of improved health with the use of pet laser therapy.

What Is Pet Laser Therapy?

This painless and non-invasive therapy utilizes a handheld wand through which a low-frequency light is applied to one or more treatment areas. A session of pet laser therapy lasts a few minutes. This light application causes photobiomodulation, a process that stimulates cell growth and regeneration. Laser therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other services to support your pet’s recovery. A series of sessions may be recommended to address your pet’s specific concerns.

pet laser therapy for dogs, cats and exotic pets in and around Lynn, MA

Expert Pet Laser Therapy at North Shore Animal Hospital

Pet laser therapy has been used on a wide range of conditions in dogs, cats, and exotic pets. Pet laser therapy has proved useful in pain management, releasing endorphins to ease pain, and increasing the speed of tissue repair. Your pet may benefit from this alternative treatment option that can reduce the need for pain medications and address a multitude of conditions safely and without surgery. Our experienced staff will discuss all of your pet’s treatment options for cases of arthritis, burns, neck pain, and more. Contact us at (781) 596-0510 to schedule your pet’s appointment today.