We at North Shore Animal Hospital are committed to keeping you and our staff safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we have put the following policy in place, along with the guidelines from the CDC regarding social distancing. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask and maintain distance from staff members we will not be able to provide services for you.

Curbside Service Policy

At this time we will no longer allow clients into our building for appointments or emergencies. When you arrive at our hospital for an appointment or to pick up medications please come to the check-in window to let us know you are here, what kind of car you’re driving, the cell phone number you are using today, and then you’ll be asked to wait in your car with your pet. Once the doctor is available to see your pet a staff member will come to your car to get your pet.

Alternately, you can check-in either by text 781-850-4051 or by calling the main number 781-596-0510. Please do not leave voice messages to inform us you’ve arrived. We understand that it’s much harder to communicate over the phone than in person but it’s for everyone’s safety. During your appointment please don’t leave the parking lot in case you are needed to consult and answer your phone when it rings while you’re waiting for your pet to come back out.

At this time we do not have associates stationed outside. Staff members you see outside are attending to other patients. Once we’re ready for your pet a team member will approach your car. In preparation for your appointment, it could be helpful if you write a note or a list of any particular concerns and questions you have.

We will make exceptions for scheduled humane euthanasia. We know this is a sad and difficult time. We can allow one person to accompany a pet into the hospital. If other family members need time to comfort their pet let us know and we will allow enough time to have one person at a time visit in a room prior to the procedure.

All communications regarding treatment, results and payment will occur by phone so please be prepared to answer your phone while your appointment is ongoing.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we strive to continue our work on behalf of animals the people who care for them. The effects of this crisis is far reaching and by following the latest trusted science and being compassionate and kind to one another, we will get through this.